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Your Journey to Soul Sovereignty

Kristen Dessange and Chandra Lynn invite you to Own Your Throne and join their online program that empowers women to live from their most authentic and powerful self. 

Sign up to begin your journey to declare self-sourcing authority, remember your sacred sovereignty, claim your divine feminine throne, walk as Queen in your life, and wear your crown with dignity. 

Own Your Throne is not a typical “self-help” course. It is a SELF-SOURCE awakening!  This program is for you if you are done waiting for someone else to give you a crown. Our mission is to empower you to remember you already have one.  


We know these are challenging times right now. The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing us all to reevalute what matters and what our role is in our community. Kristen and Chandra want to be of service and help every woman feel confident and courageous during these trying times. Times of adversity and uncertainty can also awaken you to rise above and reclaim your power. To assist with this, we are offering a FREE mini course to Own Your Throne to everyone right now. We can weather this storm stronger when we do so together.

What is Own Your Throne?

Watch this video for information about the origins, benefits, philosophy, timing and what you will experience with the Own Your Throne membership program. We look forward to seeing you on the path to Soul Sovereignty.


Learn more about the benefits of journeying into your soul sovereignty

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Your Inner Queen is Waiting

The energies of Mother Nature are not separate from your own nature.  When you make a commitment to remember your authentic nature, you reclaim your self-sourcing authority.  
Your inner queen is the sovereign keeper of your soul. It is she who is connected to the collective energies of being both divine and embodied.
She is your birthright. She is the bedrock of your own essential nature. She is where you plant the seed for all that you are meant to grow into and experience in this life. 
Everything you need for your empowerment is found within. Chandra and Kristen have created Own Your Throne for those who identify as a women who want to come into a deeper experience of their authentic, sovereign nature.
Our program is intimately tied to the rhythms and cycles of Mother Nature. It is grounded in Earth-based philosophy and inspired by the cycles of the stars. All of the course material and teachings will empower you to grow your roots into the fertile soil of your soul to activate your highest potential.  
Own Your Throne is a deep dive into knowing your truest nature, which is never separate from source.  This online program will have you work with the twelve aspects of your inner queen. Each of them serve as her court of advisors that counsel her on that particular aspect of your life. Each month we will present you with one of these allies which collectively aid in your self-sourcing knowing for your highest and deepest authority.  We will be offering teachings, astrology, human needs psychology, Earth based wisdom, moon circles and practical ways to embody the teachings in every day life. 

12 Aspects of the Queen

We begin the conversation with an introduction to the inner queen and what is soul sovereignty. Then each month following we will share one of the twelve aspects of your inner queen who advises her about that particular aspect of her personality and how she is embodied in your life. 
For authentic sovereignty, we need to have every counselor present and listened to for her sage advice. It is from the advice of the collective that the most affirming actions are taken.  For this reason, we encourage you to continue your membership for the entire year to learn about all twelve aspects of your central queen.
Each month, we will present a new aspect of the queen in the form of videos, reading material, and practices that help you understand how they influence your wholeness. 
There will be abundant teachings on:
~The archetype of that month
~The astrology and energy of that sun’s zodiac sign and how it’s expressed within
~The theme for that month and how it’s expressed in our life
~Five moon phase teachings and moon circles
~Solar holidays and rhythms of Mother Nature
~Journal prompts and (optional) sacred homework
~Meditations, altars, crafting, embodied practices
~Practical ways to use the information in your everyday life with a focus on solving challenges and feeling the joy that comes from progress.
* Every month we will have a LIVE online circle to discuss that month's aspect of the queen. Here you can reflect on the material, receive the personal support of our collective group, and ask Kristen and Chandra any questions on how to bring what you learned into practice in your life. 
* With the new mobile app feature, you'll be able to read or watch all of our content right from your phone. The app also automatically saves your progress, even when you switch between sessions and devices.
* There is also a private Facebook group for our members to get extra teachings, videos, transmissions, rituals, energy reports, and support from Kristen, Chandra and the other queens enrolled in the program.
You will have two options to join this online membership. 
  1. An ongoing month to month membership. 
  1. Purchase the full year membership in advance and receive TWO FREE months included. 
 Your inner authority, authenticity, and empowered self is calling your name. We will meet you there when you are ready to answer the call of your inner queen and embark on your path to your soul sovereignty. 

Annual Membership Option Is Now HALF OFF!

This Own Your Throne online program for women is unlike anything ever done before. It bridges the gap between the spiritual and the practical lives we live. It is for women who want to improve their quality of life through unique process of inner empowerment. We use techniques that help you to synchronize your inner and outer worlds to help you live from your sovereign nature. We are thrilled to be partnering together and are committed to this joint offering to help women live from their authentic truth. Sign up now to Own Your Throne, to begin Your Journey to Soul Sovereignty!




Month to Month

  • Every month receive a new module about one of the twelve aspects of your inner queen.  Each module has videos and practices on how to understand this part of your personality's needs and abilities.
  • A monthly LIVE online women's circle to discuss your experience of that month's aspect of the queen. You can also ask Kristen and Chandra questions about the information in that module.
  • This program is designed to be taken for a full year so that you receive all thirteen modules.
  • Membership is a monthly subscription that continues every month as long as you continue your membership.
  • Content access on the go through the Kajabi app.
  • Private Facebook group for exclusive additional materials.




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Previously $968 
Now only $38/month when you prepay the full year membership
  • Start with an introduction module about the course content. 
  • Every month receive a new module about one of the twelve aspects of your inner queen.  Each module has videos and practices on how to understand this part of your personality's needs and abilities.
  • A monthly LIVE online women's circle to discuss your experience of that month's aspect of the queen. You can also ask Kristen and Chandra questions about the information in that module.
  • You will be signed up for all thirteen modules of the course that will be released month by month. Each month highlights a new aspect of the queen.
  • This program is designed to be taken for the full year. Save now by signing up for the annual membership.
  • Content access on the go through the Kajabi app.
  • Private Facebook group for exclusive additional materials.

Frequently Asked Questions and Course Information

Own Your Throne was created for those who identify as a women to help empower a journey to soul sovereignty. 

The magic of this journey is that you already have everything you need to claim your crown. This program is based on the philosophy that every woman has self-sourcing authority to be their personal best.

Unlike other self-help books and programs, this membership is not a "one size fits all" experience. Own Your Throne is a personalized journey to uncover your essential nature by synchronizing to the rhythms of nature. 

In the process of reclaiming your authentic nature, you will also be in the company of other women who are walking a parallel path to their sovereign center. The collective is enhanced and strengthen by each individual's effort. 

The world needs us to rise up into our own authentic authority and gifts. It is from this abundance of feeling whole and holy that we naturally share our gifts with generosity. 

You are welcome to join us on the path to Soul Sovereignty. It only takes the choice to make this journey. We hope to meet you there.


Your membership includes a foundational introduction to the course philosophy, information on the cycles of nature and how it relates to your life.

You will then receive new content monthly that covers the theme and energy of that month with six to eight video lessons that give practical examples of how to use this information and practices in your every day life. The videos will include teachings, moon circles, meditations, transmissions and examples on how to bridge the sacred within the mundane.

In addition, you will receive journal prompts and (optional) sacred homework every month to contemplate the material and how it relates to you.

Monthly there will be a LIVE online women's circle to reflect on the material, have the support of the collective, and get personal questions answered by Kristen and Chandra.

Your subscription includes our private Own Your Throne Facebook members page so you have a community of women to share your experience with and feel supported.

Kristen and Chandra designed the course to cover at least a year of content on how all the different parts of your being is essential to your soul sovereignty. There are a total of thirteen modules. The first module is an introduction to soul sovereignty, astrology, and course philosophy. The other twelve modules are about each of the aspects of your inner queen. The modules will be released one per month of your active membership.

You have two options to join:

~ Pre-purchase the full year of thirteen modules in advance to get a significant discount.

~ Month to Month membership. Although the membership is continuous month to month, you can cancel at anytime.

Because we will discuss a different aspect of your wholeness each month, we do encourage you to continue for the entire arc of the year to discover every aspect of yourself that reveals your Soul Self at the center.

Each month there will be a new theme and aspect of your authentic nature that reveals your sovereign, central queen. Each month will show you a different aspect of your queendom to empower yourself in your sacred wholeness.

The first introduction unit contains lessons on:

  • What is Soul Sovereignty? How to wear your crown and walk as Queen
  • Introduction to course philosophy and embodied spirituality
  • Introduction to cycles and rhythms of Nature to know your own nature
  • Introduction to the elements and related astrology

There are twelve monthly modules that discuss a specific aspect of your inner Queen. Each month's new module will contain these lessons:

  • Solar theme
  • The aspect of your inner queen and energy of that month
  • New moon circle video ~Initiation of that energy and inner world teaching / practices with Kristen 
  • Waxing moon video ~ Building a foundation of that theme teaching with Chandra
  • Full moon circle video ~ Bridging the fullness of the sacred into the outer world teaching / practices with Kristen
  • Waning moon video ~ Offering what you learned into the world teaching with Chandra
  • Dark moon circle video ~ Full circle integration and releasing practice with Kristen
  • Journal prompts for that month
  • Astrological energy reports for that month including solar holiday videos when they occur.


Chandra Lynn and Kristen Dessange are dedicated to empowering women on their path to soul sovereignty.  We created Own Your Throne to help awaken you to your nature and gifts, empower you step into your authentic power, inspire your creativity, magnetize your true heart's desires, and have you move towards the sacred unity of your soul embodied in this world.

Certified Coach Chandra Lynn, M.B.A. inspires people to love life. As a San Francisco Bay Area mompreneur, her focus is on empowering women through Own Your Throne online women's circle and course, life and career coaching through, and consulting on marketing strategy through her long-standing agency, Glow Marketing LLC.  Chandra's coaching certification is from Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention. She offers personal coaching, professional consulting, group mentoring, online courses (including Root-to-Rise System for Loving Life) and public speaking. 

Kristen Dessange’s life-affirming practices of over twenty-five years have helped her connect with her deepest, sovereign nature. Her work is dedicated to being of service to her community to teach them to be in rhythm and relationship with their own authentic nature. She helps empower others to remember and reclaim the sacred embodied in their everyday lives. It is from this discovery that we live from the collective heart of nature and spirit that we all share. Kristen received her Masters of Science in Biology and she is an ordained priestess, astrologist, yoga teacher, and lover of life. She is the owner of Sacred Life Circle LLC, and co-creator of ‘Own Your Throne, a Journey to Soul Sovereignty” online program. Kristen is known for infusing stories, myths and real-world practical examples of the philosophy of yoga and Earth-based wisdom into her yoga classes, astrology readings, and women’s circles and retreats. Her clients have benefited from her messages of empowerment, authenticity, and sovereignty. It is her mission to have all beings remember and reclaim that we are all whole and holy. "Spirituality is something that is within all of us. Spirit, the essential nature of who you are, is inherent to each of us. It's just a process of awaking into it." For more information about Kristen‘s work visit: 

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With the new mobile app feature, you'll be able to read or watch all of our content right from your phone. The app also automatically saves your progress, even when you switch between sessions and devices.
Go ahead and download the app after you sign up and you'll have Own Your Throne right in your pocket!

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"The moment you meet Kristen it's clear she emanates and inspires wellness, wholeness, and connection. Wisdom seeps unimpeded through her words as a tangible presence. Her playful, lighthearted demeanor puts you at ease even when sharing your deepest secrets and challenges. Sitting in circle with Kristen is like being transported to a space beyond time to an ecstatic and electric world of pure potential and sisterhood when your path unfurls before you. As a powerful shamanic guide on the path of self-realization, self-love awakening, and transformation, she gracefully employs a multiplicity of skills including astrology, storytelling, ritual, yoga, tarot, craft, and mysticism to empower you to see your fullest light and potential. With her guidance, I've become conscious of the universal nature of my soul's path and the optimal flow of my work and relationships proffered by the cosmos. Thank you, Kristen."

Hayley Ebersole
Founder, Body-mind Freedom

"Chandra is an excellent trainer and coach to those looking to thrive in their professional and personal lives. Her genuine love for helping clients comes through in her commitment to excellence, delivering results, and creating a transformative experience in each of her programs. Chandra has a unique ability to clearly see the root cause of a block or barrier, then she not only shows her clients what’s possible in their lives, but she also empowers them to bring their dreams into reality with her compelling strategies, tools, and resources. Perhaps it’s Chandra’s extensive experience in strategic marketing that allows her to recognize “the big idea” around what’s really happening – and then put language around it – as she’s created her coaching programs, but she’s seamlessly incorporated her results-focused work into her coaching career making her uniquely effective at what she does."

Ginny Townsend

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Our online program is not here to give you your crown. Instead, Own Your Throne will empower you to remember you already have it. Your journey to self sovereignty begins when you embrace yourself fully, body, mind and soul. No one else is like you, and THAT is your power. Click here to join for a full year membership to Own Your Throne.


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