Calling All Queens!

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This mini-course is designed to give you an introduction to what it takes to be fully empowered so that you can put your own crown on with self-sourcing authority and true self-confidence.

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Mini-Course Curriculum

Learn what it takes walk in this world as a true queen. You'll learn about the 12-aspects of your inner queen and how to use them to embark on the journey to soul sovereignty.

Own Your Throne Co-Creators

Kristen Dessange and Chandra Lynn are dedicated to empowering you on your path to sovereignty! Join us to awaken your medicine and gifts, step into your authentic power, inspire your creativity, magnetize your true heart's desires, and move towards the sacred unity of your soul embodied in this world.

Chandra inspires people to love life. As the host of, she guides anyone seeking impactful ways to achieve new levels of emotional health and well-being so that they can have deeply fulfilling relationships with themselves and others. A San Francisco Bay Area native, she spent the first 25 years of her career as a marketing expert and founder of Glow Marketing LLC, serving clients such as Apple, smart car/Mercedes, Avid, Super Model/TV Host Tyra Banks, and many others. Now she is using her experience and coaching certification from Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention to host Glow Living, a lifestyle brand and platform for personal growth and healthy living. Chandra is the creator of the training program ‘Root-to-Rise’ and co-creator of 'Own Your Throne'. She also offers personal coaching, group mentoring sessions, and public speaking.  For more information about Chandra Lynn, visit:

Kristen's life-affirming practices of over twenty-five years have helped her connect with her deepest, sovereign nature. Her work is dedicated to being of service to her community to teach them to be in rhythm and relationship with their own authentic nature. She helps empower others to remember and reclaim the sacred embodied in their everyday lives. It is from this discovery that we live from the collective heart of nature and spirit that we all share. Kristen is an ordained priestess, astrologist, yoga teacher, and lover of life. She is the owner of Sacred Life Circle LLC, and co-creator of ‘Own Your Throne, a Journey to Soul Sovereignty” online program. Kristen is known for infusing stories, myths and real-world practical examples of the philosophy of yoga and Earth-based wisdom into her yoga classes, astrology readings, and women’s circles and retreats. Her clients have benefited from her messages of empowerment, authenticity, and sovereignty. It is her mission to have all beings remember and reclaim that we are all whole and holy. "Spirituality is something that is within all of us. Spirit, the essential nature of who you are, is inherent to each of us. It's just a process of awaking into it." For more information about Kristen‘s work visit: 

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Every woman struggles with something on the road to queendom. Unblock these obstacles with guided instruction by fellow queens who are dedicated to empowering you. You are invited to join our community of women who share the desire to show up as their best selves, serve at their highest level, and rise to reach their fullest potential.